From our ‘Voices of Hope: Echoes of the Divine’ conference, October 2013:

VOH 01
VOH 01
VOH 01

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@jcscgalway @TTGalway Classroom in the Woods - Transition Galway's Green Drinks event. Creative ideas & planning for the future of our city

Food for the Journey

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Food for the journey.... Adult faith development using the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults). Hungry for more?  Follow this link...

Women of the Well

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'Drawing Hope from the Well', inner nourishment for women this Winter with others travelling along the same road... Tempted to join them?

Diploma in Spiritual Direction

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Both Dublin and Galway are venues for the Diploma in Spiritual Direction. Read more...

From Head to Heart

Please contact us if you're interested in exploring the connection from head to heart, to live more reflectively and experience what it means to have a spiritual companion or guide.