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Our Logo

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Our Logo

Figures in a boat

       Sailing life's seas together

              What stories to share...

 boat 01


Ronan Halpin’s sculpture immediately spoke to us... the people travelling together and we like to imagine talking to one another, sailing through the seas of life. We don’t know when these seas will be choppy or calm, but if we stick together we can weather most things and still hope in the future.

Our website designer, Dermot Roantree from Jesuit Communication Centre, took the design and fashioned it into our logo.

 JCSCLogo Simple


He added the cross, as in the logo of the Jesuits in Ireland, but the boat and the cross are adapted from the boat of St Brendan, who together with some of his community set out on a voyage of hope and discovery across the sea.

Like Brendan we believe that the Lord is with each of us as we set out on our voyages of hope and discovery through life.

About Ronan Halpin

After training as a sculptor in Ireland & the USA Ronan Halpin returned to Ireland and after working as a full-time artist from his studio in Drogheda for a number of years is now living and working on Achill Island.

Key influences on Ronan’s work include a visit to West Africa in 1995, and the myths, landscape and seascape he finds in the West of Ireland. Both continue to inspire him: ‘I see my work as an amalgam of many traditions and cultures from the primitive of West Africa to the delicate intricacies of the Celts’.

Ronan's sculptures and drawings have been exhibited nationally and internationally since 1979 but interested visitors to Achill can view them in the gallery he runs during the Summer months with his wife Amanda, also a painter.

Further information on Ronan Halpin’s inspiration and work can be found on www.ronanhalpin.com.